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The Peril Imperative

I’ve been binging on the first season of “Expanse” lately and really enjoying it…and also asking myself why I enjoy it. It’s a good instinct for a writer to have—to disconnect from the experience of watching something to study why you’re watching it.  With the Expanse, there are some key factors that hold my attention: I like science fiction, spaceships are cool, explosions are cool, and there are a couple […]

“That’s a Great Idea” and other Lies

The film biz is a strange one for many reasons. High on the list is the quirky boss-employee dynamic. Most jobs involve a person going to an office or factory and performing some function that has an established standard of quality. A boss is present to ensure that those under his/her supervision meet that standard. Employers and employees could go on in this way for years or decades. Some old-school […]