Hi, My Name’s Dale

This first blog post is a sort of re-introduction. I kept a blog going for a few years, but gave it up. I got busy. My website crashed. I changed hosts. Started a challenging writing project. In other words, something had to be kicked to the curb and it was the blog.

Beside…what I was blogging about–the craft of story design–I was consolidating into my first guidebook, The Plot Machine. So a lot of those early blogs have been cleaned up and organized. I even wrote a sequel: “The Plot Machine: Crime” applies an organized design process to the design of crime stories.

But I think there is value in having an active website again. Readers of my guides are contributing some great questions and sparking interesting ideas that flesh out this topic. Let the blogging begin.

About Deke

Writer and filmmaker Dale Kutzera is a recipient of the Carl Sautter Screenwriting Award, the Environmental Media Award, and participated in the Warner Brother Writers Workshop. His credits include the TV shows “Strange Frequency” and “Without a Trace” and the independent film “Military Intelligence And You!” He is the author of five novels and the popular “Plot Machine” story-structure guides. He writes about writing and filmmaking at www.DaleKutzera.com.

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