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The Last Jedi: Story Gripes

I found the last Jedi a rather tedious movie-going experience. And it did not improve with age. As a student of story-structure, I thought I’d apply some story-analysis to the film and examine why I felt the writers involved made some poor decisions in the construction of the story. 1) Tone. The new generation of Star Wars creatives have clearly forgotten that the original film was a bright, happy antidote […]

Playing the Field

Television used to be a weekly thing. You would check in once a week on your favorite characters and their crazy goings-on. There has always been a surrogate-family quality to television. It is one of the appeals of the medium: it’s like having a really active social life without the messy aspects of actually knowing someone. But television of today has taken the idea of surrogate-relationships to new heights. We […]