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The Vanishing Credit Sequence

Have you noticed that little button at the bottom of your Netflix-streamed program? The one that says “skip intro?” I sure have. I wonder if Netflix has kept track of me fast-forwarding through the credit sequences of “House of Card” or “Walking Dead.” Once upon a time, a credit sequence was a cherished part of every television show. The familiar theme song told everyone in the house that “Brady Bunch” […]

Why did Bladerunner 2049 Fail?

There’s a lot of chatter over the past couple weeks on why the movie “Bladerunner 2049” under-performed at the box-office. Was it the lack of marquee-names? The film’s almost 3-hour running time? The fact that it’s been 30+ years since the original film came out and that wasn’t all that popular to begin with. “Bladerunner” does hold a warm spot in the hearts of cineastes, primarily for its production design. […]