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The Game of Plots

Many have been enthralled for weeks as another cycle (can we call them seasons when they are so short?) of Game of Thrones has been unleashed into the world. The HBO series is sort of old fashioned in its one-ep-per-week schedule, unlike the other popular sci-fi summer show, “The Defenders,” which Netflix drops as a bundle. By coincidence, I came across the season 5 of GoT at the library and […]

The Summer of 2017 Box Office

Interesting article over at Deadline on the summer of 2017 box office: It has been a rather banal summer, with no film rising to a word-of-mouth frenzy. The closest thing to that was the smash hit Wonder Woman, a film I couldn’t quite embrace. It had its moments, and the lead is easy on the eyes, but the plot was mediocre and the visual effects slap-dash. There were retreads like […]