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Memoirs: A Memoir

I started reading my first memoir recently. I’ve never seen the point in memoirs. They seem to be auto-biographies of people that haven’t done anything significant in life. If they had done something significant then someone else probably would have written a book about it. Those are called biographies. Memoirs are about the little things in life that no one really notices. They drip with ennui. The dominant theme: life […]

The Ratio of Story to Prose

I’ve been struggling through a science-fiction novel that I thought would take me just a month to knock out. Three months on I’m still hacking my way through the jungle of an overgrown first draft. All this started when I picked up a book of Robert Silverberg short stories from the 1950’s. I’d never heard of Silverberg before, but have a soft spot for classic pulp sci-fi. Silverberg, as his […]