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Why Comic Sans Typeface?

Okay…a bit of confession, I’m adding some random posts to test out my new theme. All WordPress themes are a bit different and each one has their own particular rules. How are menus managed? How are new posts added? What is controlled on the WP dashboard and what is controlled on the theme’s customization menu? The only way to learn how to do something is to just do it. So […]

Hi, My Name’s Dale

This first blog post is a sort of re-introduction. I kept a blog going for a few years, but gave it up. I got busy. My website crashed. I changed hosts. Started a challenging writing project. In other words, something had to be kicked to the curb and it was the blog. Beside…what I was blogging about–the craft of story design–I was consolidating into my first guidebook, The Plot Machine. […]